lundi 1 avril 2013

Beauty and Green Attitude ! {DIY}

Every day it's the same ritual, a bit of blush on my cheeks and a hint of mascara on my eyelashes ... and so every night I have to remove this make-up ! I use about 3 cotton pads every day, it means that by the end of the year I would have used at least a thousands of them. The intensive harvesting of cotton leads in some areas of the world to an irremediable desertification by using a lot of water and involving chemicals as pesticides and insecticides. 
I know that I'm not going to change the face of the world but I like the idea that I'm trying my best to reduce the waste in my daily living.
From there, the idea of reusable beauty pads came to my mind. I've made them from a microfiber fabric ("beauty cloth" that I found at the dollar store).
I remove my make-up with my new pads since a month now and I'm very satisfied with the outcome :
- The texture is very soft and doesn't irritate my skin as much as the cotton would.
- I don't need to use any make-up remover, I just wet the pad with water. The microfiber is the key, it gets rid of the make-up very easily even the waterproof mascara.
- It cost me 8$ !

I store the pads in a laundry net once I've used them. I can thus pass them in the laundry and dryer easily.

Beauty Pads {DIY}