lundi 1 avril 2013

Beauty and Green Attitude ! {DIY}

Every day it's the same ritual, a bit of blush on my cheeks and a hint of mascara on my eyelashes ... and so every night I have to remove this make-up ! I use about 3 cotton pads every day, it means that by the end of the year I would have used at least a thousands of them. The intensive harvesting of cotton leads in some areas of the world to an irremediable desertification by using a lot of water and involving chemicals as pesticides and insecticides. 
I know that I'm not going to change the face of the world but I like the idea that I'm trying my best to reduce the waste in my daily living.
From there, the idea of reusable beauty pads came to my mind. I've made them from a microfiber fabric ("beauty cloth" that I found at the dollar store).
I remove my make-up with my new pads since a month now and I'm very satisfied with the outcome :
- The texture is very soft and doesn't irritate my skin as much as the cotton would.
- I don't need to use any make-up remover, I just wet the pad with water. The microfiber is the key, it gets rid of the make-up very easily even the waterproof mascara.
- It cost me 8$ !

I store the pads in a laundry net once I've used them. I can thus pass them in the laundry and dryer easily.

Beauty Pads {DIY}

dimanche 10 mars 2013

Breakfast of Champions

I am a foodie french girl ... Yes, I do enjoy food for pleasure ! 
When I first arrived in Canada I was almost freaked out ... How will I survive for a year eating north american food instead of my delicious french dishes !? 10 months later I am alive and I can still slip on my old french pair of jeans. I actually really enjoy the culinary culture over here, which is much healthier than I expected. Don't get me wrong, you can find burgers, pizzas, burritos and greasy stuff around every corner in town, but Vancouverites are very concerned about what they have in their plate ! I am especially amazed by guys, they are so many of them who eat salads, quinoa, lentils, make juices (one of my friend even keep the pulp to do crackers afterwards with his dehydrator), and pick all those organic produces ... work out and/or practice yoga !

So today, I share with you one of my favorite healthy breakfast that I discovered here. Nothing crazy but I love it ! 

"The Oatmeal"

dimanche 3 mars 2013

Velouté de Pomme de Terre et son Bacon Croustillant

Il fait encore un peu froid, alors on en profite pour se faire du potage ! 
It's still cold outside, so there are still some weeks to cook soup !

samedi 2 février 2013

Hot Apple Cider (English Version)

J'étais malade ... mais heureusement j'avais ma petite recette de Warm Apple Cider ! Rien de tel pour faire le plein de vitamines et vous réconforter en ces froides journées d'hiver. C'est très simple à réaliser.

jeudi 2 août 2012

Banana Loaf

Ici au Canada j'adore manger des "Banana Loaf" au petit déjeuner ou au goûter. C'est un genre de cake à la banane. 
C'est tout simple et délicieux ! Le gâteau reste ultra moelleux pendant plusieurs jours ... mais de manière général on ne lui laisse pas le temps de se dessécher ;-)
On peut le déguster seul ou avec un peu de beurre ou de miel ... entre les deux mon coeur balance ... mais pas tant que ça : "Et tiens si je faisais un combo beurre + miel !?" Oups ... pour le moment je rentre encore dans mes jeans.
On peut aussi faire une version "Banana Loaf French Toast Style" c'est à dire faire du pain perdu à la banane ... Quelle décadence !

Here in Canada, I love to have Banana Loaf for breakfast or tea time. That's really simple and awesome ! The cake stay ultra smooth for several days ... actually most of the time we don't let it dry ;-)
We can savoured it with butter or honey ... I'm torn between both ... but ... "Why not a combo butter + honey !?" Ouch ... for the moment I can still wear my jeans.
We can also cook a version " Banana Loaf French Toast Style" !

mardi 24 juillet 2012

New York Cheesecake !

Deux mois aujourd'hui que je (sur)vis au Canada ! Pour fêter ça, je partage cette recette de Cheesecake New Yorkais ! J'ai longuement cherché sur internet une recette qui me convienne, j'ai lu d'excellentes critiques au sujet de celle-ci. Je l'ai testée et je l'approuve totalement  ! Un vrai régal, un cheesecake comme au restaurant !

dimanche 15 juillet 2012

Granité Mangue - Citron Vert - Menthe

Suite à la réalisation de ma tarte mangue citron, il me restait le jus des mangues (parce que j'avais utilisé une conserve). Je me suis dit que ce serait parfait en granité ! Le goût de la mangue n'est pas très prononcé mais l'association est harmonieuse en bouche !